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Matilda Jane

I am so excited to be partnering with Mary Sammons who is a distributor of Matilda Jane Clothing Company!  I met her beautiful daughters Lexi and Ivy Saturday and we captures some images of the girls modeling a couple outfits from their clothing line.  Please stay tuned as we will be doing some Mini Session in April which you will receive $75 dollars towards your Matilda Jane purchase included in the Mini Session fee!

Epilepsy Walk

On Saturday November 15th I was photogging it up for a good cause.  My best friend Pam created a dream team for her daughter Lauren who was diagnosed with Epilepsy this past year.  Seriously it was pretty amazing how many people who came.  She undoubtedly had the biggest team there.  Our team name? LOL!  LOVE...OUR...LAUREN.  And we do.  I met Lauren hours after her birth and I remember that day clearly. Pam and I live on opposite sides of the Phoenix city but when she told me she was in labor I rushed over to the west valley as quick as I could (pesky traffic laws).  I missed her birth but Pam needed some rest as she had had a long and difficult pregnancy.  So for a few hours I has the labor intensive job of holding this new little baby girl in my arms next to Pam's hospital bed in a dark room so Pam could get some sleep.  I took one for the team what can I say? :-) I've watched her grow up into the beautiful girl she is today.  She is a little replica of Pam with a lot of her personality traits; strong willed, resilient and kind.   So when Pam asked if I would come take pictures at her walk of course I said YES! So many others came to support Lauren and it was amazing to be able to document that kind of Love.  I met a lot of Pam's friends who came to show their love and support merely because Pam asked them to.  Because that's the kind of friend Pam is; she would do anything for you so when she asks for something (which is almost never) we are happy to give.  Love you to the moon and back Lauren & Pam!  Amber

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing what they now call Lifestyle Newborn Photography.  It was absolutely awesome!  For one it was for a friend but it was just so laid back and cozy.  We were celebrating the arrival of baby Evan on 10/05/14.  His older brother Zach is my son Graham's friend since they were in the womb.  That's how I met Mary and Eric, they were in our birth group and friendship blossomed from there.  The arrival of their second baby Evan was even more fun since they already have the hang of this parenting thing.  So they have been able to relax and just enjoy having a new infant.  I LOVED this shoot!  I am definitely going to have to do more in the future as we took our time, there was no stress and just had fun.  Watching Zach "snuggle" er crush baby Evan trying to love on him was quite amusing.  Thanks for being such a great family to spend time with documenting the early days of your new family member. 

Volleyball Ahoy!

Last Saturday I again had the pleasure of photographing Tiffany Jackson's girls Daja and Libby in the sport of their choice...volleyball.  Win or lose it's just fun to attend and watch the interaction between parents and their children in competitive sports.  I had no idea when I started taking pictures for Tiffany that Volleyball was such a big thing.  Stepping into the gym that first game I felt like I was stepping into a new world.  I am starting to see how one could become very addicted to playing and attending these games.  I am so glad Tiffany asked and continues to ask me to come photograph her girls playing and competing in this sport.  At Aspire Volleyball Club (which is lacking in air conditioning) we sweat it out and got some good shots.  The ref even let me stand up on the sacred ref throne.  I was very excited (only dampened a bit by the fact that heat rises and I was sweating my butt off) and was even more excited that I didn't fall off or drop my camera! 

Shoot for Epilepsy Walk

My best friend's daughter Lauren was diagnosed with Epilepsy this year.  It has been hard and I have watched her struggle.  She invited me to come and take some pictures of Lauren to raise money for the Epilepsy walk next month.  Team LOL (Love Our Lauren) has become quite large and I believe this is a testimony to how much Pam and Lauren are loved and appreciated by so many.  I had so much fun taking these pictures as they are some of my favorite people but also because they were wearing purple which is my favorite color if you couldn't tell by the colors on my website.  So I probably spent way too much time editing but it was all worth it when Pam told me she Loved her pictures!  Love you Pam and Lauren!!  Amber