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Volleyball Ahoy!

Last Saturday I again had the pleasure of photographing Tiffany Jackson's girls Daja and Libby in the sport of their choice...volleyball.  Win or lose it's just fun to attend and watch the interaction between parents and their children in competitive sports.  I had no idea when I started taking pictures for Tiffany that Volleyball was such a big thing.  Stepping into the gym that first game I felt like I was stepping into a new world.  I am starting to see how one could become very addicted to playing and attending these games.  I am so glad Tiffany asked and continues to ask me to come photograph her girls playing and competing in this sport.  At Aspire Volleyball Club (which is lacking in air conditioning) we sweat it out and got some good shots.  The ref even let me stand up on the sacred ref throne.  I was very excited (only dampened a bit by the fact that heat rises and I was sweating my butt off) and was even more excited that I didn't fall off or drop my camera!