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Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing what they now call Lifestyle Newborn Photography.  It was absolutely awesome!  For one it was for a friend but it was just so laid back and cozy.  We were celebrating the arrival of baby Evan on 10/05/14.  His older brother Zach is my son Graham's friend since they were in the womb.  That's how I met Mary and Eric, they were in our birth group and friendship blossomed from there.  The arrival of their second baby Evan was even more fun since they already have the hang of this parenting thing.  So they have been able to relax and just enjoy having a new infant.  I LOVED this shoot!  I am definitely going to have to do more in the future as we took our time, there was no stress and just had fun.  Watching Zach "snuggle" er crush baby Evan trying to love on him was quite amusing.  Thanks for being such a great family to spend time with documenting the early days of your new family member.