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Epilepsy Walk

On Saturday November 15th I was photogging it up for a good cause.  My best friend Pam created a dream team for her daughter Lauren who was diagnosed with Epilepsy this past year.  Seriously it was pretty amazing how many people who came.  She undoubtedly had the biggest team there.  Our team name? LOL!  LOVE...OUR...LAUREN.  And we do.  I met Lauren hours after her birth and I remember that day clearly. Pam and I live on opposite sides of the Phoenix city but when she told me she was in labor I rushed over to the west valley as quick as I could (pesky traffic laws).  I missed her birth but Pam needed some rest as she had had a long and difficult pregnancy.  So for a few hours I has the labor intensive job of holding this new little baby girl in my arms next to Pam's hospital bed in a dark room so Pam could get some sleep.  I took one for the team what can I say? :-) I've watched her grow up into the beautiful girl she is today.  She is a little replica of Pam with a lot of her personality traits; strong willed, resilient and kind.   So when Pam asked if I would come take pictures at her walk of course I said YES! So many others came to support Lauren and it was amazing to be able to document that kind of Love.  I met a lot of Pam's friends who came to show their love and support merely because Pam asked them to.  Because that's the kind of friend Pam is; she would do anything for you so when she asks for something (which is almost never) we are happy to give.  Love you to the moon and back Lauren & Pam!  Amber